About project

‘Our Cultures – Our Treasures’ is a two-year project which brings together schools from Slovenia, Greece, Estonia, Portugal and Spain.

It focuses on the promotion of social inclusion through cultural diversity with the aim to exchange best practices on teachers’ and pupils’ level and develop a feeling of inclusion among partners.

Our main objectives are:

  • to enhance the social and educational value of European cultural heritage
  • to promote the social inclusion of our students, support our disadvantaged ones, foster diversity and equality by applying culturally sensitive pedagogical approaches.

Our project activities are based on four main blocks that cover the most important part of our cultural heritage:

  • traditional dances and music,
  • museums and monuments,
  • fairy tales,
  • traditional cuisine.

Through the activities designed in each block, students will know about their country and other countries in a real context with the objective to improve the target language, identify European linguistic diversity and become aware of the importance of learning European languages.

Experiential learning through art and culture will serve as a starting point in the co-creation of culturally conscious and aesthetically sensitive individuals. It will enhance lifelong learning competences, in particular those related to cultural awareness and expression, which includes extending personal growth, cooperation, adaptability and self-evaluation, constructive control of emotion, innovation, creativity and intercultural communication.

The promotion and diffusion of innovative programs and interventions, as well as alternative pedagogical and teaching practices, shall encourage teachers to take initiatives and integrate innovation into their teaching activities and goals, reflect their expectations about the long-term impact of the project results on their schools after the completion of the project.

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